Escape mission

Escape mission


Our escape mission is an exciting, entertaining team-building event for you and your employees. Or a great leisure activity with friends. Solve an exciting riddle that will take you and your team through the entire hotel. Find all hidden clues in order to reach the objective of the mission step by step.

The mission "Murder in the hotel"

Your group has travelled to Winterthur for a joint outing, staying at a prominent location in the beautiful Hotel Banana City right in the city centre. You have all celebrated in style, and after a terrific party, you return to the hotel in the early morning hours. The relaxed atmosphere is suddenly spoiled when you encounter a dead body in the lobby ...

In order to solve the riddle surrounding the murder, you have to roam through the entire Hotel Banana City and solve tricky puzzles and tasks. However, not only are you running out of time, but the opposing team is also hot on your heels.


The mission "The lost work of art"

There is a rumor that one of several hundred paintings from the collection of a wealthy Winterthur family has gone missing. Your mission now is to shed light on this. Which artist is involved, who was the culprit and, above all, where is the missing work of art?

To solve the mystery, you'll have to roam the entire Banana City hotel and solve tricky puzzles and tasks. Not only will you run out of time, but the opposing team will be right on your heels.


Organisational matters

The mission takes place directly in Hotel Banana City. It is offered for groups with a minimum size of 10 persons and in combination with a three- or four-course dinner.

  • Location: Hotel Banana City, Winterthur
  • Degree of difficulty: 2/3 (murder in the hotel) // 3/3 (the lost work of art)
  • Number of players: 10 to 20
  • Languages: DE/EN
  • Duration of the mission: at least 3 hours
  • Room: heated
  • Duel: possible (2 to 4 teams can compete against each other)


The missions can be booked by e-mail or by telephone.

Reservations at:
052 268 16 16