Neuwiesen 1 and 2

Our meeting rooms Neuwiesen 1 and Neuwiesen 2 are located on the second floor of the Neuwiesen shopping centre (directly across from Winterthur main station). Both rooms are air-conditioned, have windows that let in daylight and are equipped with electrically operated blinds to darken the room during presentations.

Both rooms are set up with board-room-style seating. Neuwiesen 1 is suitable for up to 10 persons and is equipped with a projector. Neuwiesen 2 is suitable for up to 8 persons. Both rooms have access to a central copier, a coffee maker and a refrigerator.

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Number of persons

Board room table: 8–10 persons



 20–30 m2



Two minutes’ walk from Winterthur main station
Five minutes’ walk from Hotel Banana City


  • Neuwiesen 1: including projector and magnetic wall
  • Neuwiesen 2: direct access to the balcony
  • Public WLAN
  • Air conditioning
  • Central copier
  • Kitchen with coffee maker and refrigerator

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Seminar enquiry

Seminar enquiry

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