Escape dinner

Escape dinner

Combine three passions at the Escape Dinner: food, wine & solving puzzles. Together with the people at your table, you try to solve the "mystery of the last bottle of wine" as quickly as possible. But be careful: the other tables are also on the trail of the secret. Through clever combinations, searching for hidden clues, intuition and teamwork, you can solve the tricky puzzles and secure the coveted bottle of wine.

Organizational details

The dinner takes place directly at the Hotel Banana City, but is offered for groups of 18 - 50 people.
Included is the welcome aperitif with canapés and a glass of wine, sparkling wine or non-alcoholic drink, the puzzle at the table accompanied by a game master, the main course, dessert and a coffee or espresso.

Location: Winterthur, Hotel Banana City
Number of players: 18 to 50
Languages: DE/EN
Duration of the mission: at least 50 minutes
Duration of the evening (including food): Approx. 4 hours depending on the size of the group


The missions can be booked by e-mail or by telephone.

Reservation unter:
052 268 16 16