About us

The Banana City is a private property and independent hotel. It is located in the multifunctional service center in the SISKA Heuberger Holding AG at a central location close to the main railway station Winterthur, the pedestrian zone and the colleges. Inhabitants of Winterthur call the 200 meter long, curved building lovingly “banana”. Because of the successful conversion of the former industrial construction and the modern glass facade it’s one of the finest and most distinctive buildings of Winterthur.


Our team will help and provide you with informations at all times.

  • Jérôme Waldbauer
    Jérôme Waldbauer Director

    “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!”

  • Nicole Speck
    Nicole Speck assistant to the director

    “By setting the right goals, you can only win.”

  • Marco Molter
    Marco Molter RECEPTION and Reservation MANAGER

    “Personalities are not shaped by speech but by action.”

  • Kilian Wüger

    “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

  • David Vaders

    “”Be ready not sorry.””

  • Pascal Müller
    Pascal Müller Seminar- & Event-Manager

    ”Hospitality is the art of prompting guests to stay, without hindering their departure.“

  • Melina Anthimoglou
    Melina Anthimoglou SEMINAR- & EVENT-ASSISTENT

    “If you have the intention to renew yourself, do it every day.”

  • Lukas Guggisberg
    Lukas Guggisberg Seminar- & Event-Assistent

    “Your event – My passion.”

  • Nemanja Lazarevic
    Nemanja Lazarevic Seminar- & Event-Supporter

    “Provide guests with excellent service an unforgettable stay.”

  • Michael Wyss
    Michael Wyss Seminar- & Event-Supporter

    “Be enthusiastic and you’ll inspire others!”

  • Riccardo Tortora
    Riccardo Tortora CHEF

    “I cook with Amore”

  • Toni Ackermann
    Toni Ackermann Sous chef

    “If it doesn’t fit use a bigger hammer!”

  • Susan Isele
    Susan Isele Housekeeping Manager

    “It’s easier to work in a good mood!”

  • Melanie Faustino
    Melanie Faustino Alternate Housekeeping Manager

    “You know your boundaries only when you’ve grown beyond them.”

Successful and popular

The operating concept is highly responsive to the needs of our business customers: 10 conference halls and meeting rooms, the event hall and the 101 rooms allow efficient congress organization in one place. The Banana City is a popular conference and seminar hotel. Every year, our hotel is visited by more than 52.000 people, many participants of conferences, seminars and also visitors of cultural or private events. The Banana City Hotel is consistently accessible by wheelchair users.

Relaxation and Health

We offer the largest fitness and wellness center in town (fitness equipment, saunas, relaxation pool). Hotel guests have free access to all services and facilities.

Associated Hotel Illuster

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