Jassturnament at the Hotel Banana City

Every last Thuesday of the month, Hotel Banana City organizes a jassturnament (playing cards) starting 2 pm.

Inrollment fee CHF 20.00, big chance to win excellten prices.

Next date will be:

October, 30th, 2018
November, 27th, 2018


Dates 2019:

January, 29th, 2019
February, 26th, 2019
March, 26th, 2019
April, 30th, 2019
May, 28th, 2019
June, 25th, 2019
July, 30th, 2019
August, 27th, 2019
September, 24th, 2019
October, 29th, 2019
November, 26th, 2019

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