Where to have lunch in Winterthur?

A big variety of restaurants in Winterthur with enormous preferences. You need some hints? Then read this column:

If you like big portions:
The Restaurant Taverne zum Kreuz at the Stadthausstrasse is the right place to go. Have lunch in a friendly atmosphere. You can get an affordable menu including salad, soup and a main course.

Recommendations for gourmets :
We recomend the newly opened Restaurant Trivisano also located at the Stadthausstrasse. Enjoy the feeling to be in Italy – Autentic italien food at it’s best. Extraordinary hospitality, good wine, cozy ambiente, and an excellent coffee with a piece of swiss chocolate.

Ideas for diet conscious people :
If you go for balanced food we recommend to go and eat from the chef de cuisine Alexander Baum in the Restaurant Banane. Carfully prepared – you eat here from a choosen card but the best! It does not matter what you love most. Like either meet, fish, vegetarian or vegan – here you are at the right place. Extra tip : The soups here are a MUST !

Veggies and vegans eat here :
The magic word is the Tibits Restaurant. For example also the newly opened Jack & Jo located in the hall of the railway station. Both are serving this kind of food, runned by the new trend.

The special tipp:
Exclusiv and only open during the summer months: Villa Sträuli at the Muesumsstrasse. Romantic garden overflows you with a feeling of holiday. The menu card is limited, but it makes your choice easier.

Price Conscious:
Last but not least the CoalMine Bar. Go there and be surprised by the food where you have the feeling to sit in a library. Particulary relaxing atmosphere and low prices. Preferred to go there during the winter months.

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